Monday, November 10, 2008

All this talk of pregnancy cravings has me analysing every food thought at the moment. Last Friday when I took Amy shopping and we had such a bad morning, the one thing I was looking forward to was a vegetable samosa from a little Indian cafe that I remembered from a while back. Trust my pregnant luck, it had closed down, lunch was a plastic toasted cheese and ham instead and a pink milkshake that sent Amy hyperactive!

Vegetable Samosas have been on my mind since and today I chatted to a lovely Indian woman at playgroup and told her I was craving real, Indian, street food type samosas, not the tiny, crispy triangles you so often get, but instead the big twisted up pockets stuffed full of spicey vegetables that I ate from the street when I was in Mumbai on business in 2005. The lovely Indian woman at playgroup laughed when I told her what I was craving because she said she only wanted cheeseburgers when she was expecting and then she reminded me of the street of Indian cafes and restaurants that is literally on the other side of the road from where Ron works in Parramatta.

This is why we made a detour into Harris Park this afternoon after picking up Ron and we stopped in a little Indian cafe and entertained a barefoot Amy at a greasy table whilst we waited for the cooks to make some FRESH spicey, huge, delicious, craving-fulfilling vegetable samosas that we ate dipped into tamarind sauce. Even Amy ventured a taste before declaring it "PICEY" and having a big drink of milk.

I am so going back there tomorrow!!

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