Monday, July 13, 2009

I have been wanting to organise our eating habits and meal plans a little better now that Stella is a little older and less likely to sleep for hours at a time. I really need to be more organised with our meals so that we can spend less and eat more healthily. I will be working on this over the coming weeks and posting my meal plans, recipes, shopping lists etc to the blog.

These are the current meals on my meal planner, in no particular order.

Chicken fajitas
Mince Tacos
Spaghetti bolognaise
Chicken and Rice with peas
Chicken risotto
Fish and chips
Fishcakes and Cous cous
Pasta Bake with sausages
Sausages and mash
Meatballs and Sauce with Spaghetti
Meatballs and gravy with mash
Pasta with tomato, peppers & peppadews
Cauliflower soup
Lamb chops
Thai Beef Curry
Thai Chicken curry
Ham and pea Soup
Spicy pumpkin and coconut soup
Citrus chilli pork with cashews
Sticky Chicken curry and noodles
Pasta E' Fagioli
Chicken with prunes and capers
Beef burgers
Chicken snitzel
Chicken Tikka Masala
Creamy chicken pesto pasta
Homemade pizzas
Pork stirfry with ginger and green beans
Sweet and sour sausage stew
Taglietelle with chicken
Vietnamese lemon chicken with peanuts
Oxtail and mash
Lamb shanks

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