Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I am currently at home in Johannesburg, South Africa, staying at my parents house on holiday. Its heaven to be home eating my favourite meals and planning lots of culinary exploits! So far we have had Gina's famous meatballs and mash, a huge piece of rump steak on the braai (BBQ) a roast chicken with Mum's roast potatoes (the best in the world!) and last night we had meatloaf with asparagus and new pots. We also went to the gym to get free guest passes for a month which we will be needing if we carry on eating the way we have!

I have a couple of things on the go that I will be posting about shortly, in the meantime I leave you with a scan of a recipe that I typed out for my sister around about the time that I met Ron, so Christmas 2001. Liv came to stay with me in London for a few weeks and enjoyed cooking meals with me in our massive basement kitchen in Islington. I decided to send her back to SA and university with a couple of my tried and tested recipes, so I typed them out and gave them to her. Below is my take on Jamie Oliver - this made me laugh when I came across it in my mum's recipe folder!

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