Sunday, November 02, 2008

I love breakfast. Its my favourite meal of the day. I am a creature of habit and go through phases of eating and drinking the exact same thing every morning for breakfast. Last pregnancy it was a bowl of coco-pops at home before getting on the tube followed by peanut butter toast (spread with butter as well - gasp!) from the Italian cafe on the corner, washed down with a decaf caramel macchiato from St@rbucks. This time round its been toast with peanut butter on one half and raspberry jam on the other half, folded over into a sandwich washed down with a homemade mocha using decaf instant and two teaspoons of milo. Depending on how sick I have been feeling, its either been eaten after a good vomit, or before in which case I have sometimes made another piece of toast to eat gingerly whilst sipping on a glass of water.

Thanks to the anti-nausea medication I have been taking I have been indulging in few different breakfasts recently. Last week for Ron's birthday we made American-style pancakes (see the labels on the right hand side for the recipe) and this morning I made Eggs Benedict Chez White-style with poached eggs and ham on top of hash browns with a dollop of hollandaise from a jar. It was a quick, delicious meal, not very glamorous but very tasty and Amy loved the hash browns.

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