Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Last night we had homemade hamburgers for supper. These are usually a weekend meal but we ended up being busy on Saturday and Sunday and then by Monday they needed to be made or the mince would have to be thrown out and that would NEVER happen in my thrifty household!
As far back as I can remember my Mum has made burgers from scratch including her magic burger sauce. I love, love, love these kinds of mix and make meals where you can add whatever is in the fridge to the burger mix and then everyone can taylor make their own burger to their specific tastes.

Last night Ron mixed up the burgers using 750g premium beef mince, 1 finely diced onion, 1 beaten egg, salt and pepper and a large handful of finely chopped fresh basil. He shaped them into smallish patties and took them outside to cook whilst I prepared the extras. Unfortunately I had used up the last of the tinned pineapple the night before for pizzas so we just had melted cheese on the burgers. I finely sliced some brown onion and tomato and quickly harvested some rocket from our veg patch. The buns were toasted on the bbq and buttered and I whipped up a batch of Mum's famous burger sauce. I will disclose the recipe but now I will have to hunt you all down and kill you because its a family secret! (mix together tomato sauce, mayonaise, worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper until it makes a pale pink dressing.) These were delicious and I could have eaten three but should have stopped at one and a half, even though the burgers themselves were quite little, with all the extras and the bun they filled me up A LOT!

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The Jackson Files said...

YumyumyuymyumyumYUM. I LOVE homemade burgers.